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Book Release

"Love and Laughter Through The Tears" is being officially released in all major book stores on July
30, 2007. It can be purchased early through my publisher at :

Just type debbienicholson in search box.

Take a spiritual journey of love, laughter and tears. Through tragedy and the paths that lead back to new found enlightenment. On starting life once more.

Book Excerpt:

I have cried so many times since he has died. I can not even conceivably count them all. I cried horrifically the day he passed. I cried for how empty my heart felt. As if someone had literally ripped it out. I cried because he was no longer next to me. I yearned so bad to hold him one more time. I cried for the love and the special bond we had. I cried for the sake of crying for that was all I had. If crying is good for the soul than mine was 24kt gold that day.