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Curtice/Markley New Release

Curtice/Markley once again has brought their amazing new sound to light once more. Now available is their new song “Down And Durty” (rough mix). With just enough cutting edge sound to keep you dancing in your seat.

Their first song “All Of The Above” had left their fans wanting more. So once again they have brought their flair to us once again. Since that first release they now have a fan group set up for all their fans to be able to keep up with events of their music and general on goings in life.

Not only do they donate their gift of music to the world to enjoy. They also have donated this talent to the cause of one of the nations leading deadly disease of cancer. They have joined forces with Author Debbie Nicholson in her cause for cancer awareness and support. They currently are working on a new song for Ms. Nicholson’s book trailer featuring her book soon to be released “Dancing With The Devil” the account of her and some of her friends struggles with this disease.

In new an…

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Author Debbie Nicholson Has Minor Set Back

Created 07/13/2009 - 12:12

A press release was issued back in January of this year that Author Debbie Nicholson had returned to the literary world after battling a life threatening illness.
For the author who has overcome many obstacles in the past few years she is once again challenged. Her illness has unfortunately returned once more. She is being treated at the current time. We have confidence that she will pull this again.
Ms. Nicholson author of “Love And Laughter Through The Tears” book one in a trilogy of the “Love And Laughter” series and upcoming book soon for release “Dancing With The Devil” with original music score for her book trailer done by Curtice/Markley who are joining Ms. Nicholson in her support group. They are donating their time and talent to her cause.
Ms. Nicholson who can be found all over the world wide web has recently brought several postings on her blog to life. Surrounding cancer and it’s effects not only on those…

Before It’s Too Late

Before it's to late,
I want to lay with you each night,
wake up with you in the morning sun,

Before it's to late,
I want to walk with you hand in hand,
in the dusk of night,

Before it's to late,
I want you to hold me tight,
like you will never let go,

Before it's to late,
I want to feel your touch,
embrace our bodies entertained,

Before it's to late,
I want us to walk in the rain,
to do all the things we can,

Before it's to late,
I want to be with you,
share our love while I can,

Before it's to late,
Debbie Nicholson
Copyright ©2009 Debbie Nicholson

Ok now I probably got a lot of persons now confused. To date or as far back as I can think of never have I started a blog with a poem. For this one it was deemed appropriate. I can preach and give as many lectures as I want at times. I can yell what I have to say from the roof tops from here to heaven and back. I can put my words on a billboard or write them on paper and throw them into the sea. My point here sometimes it s…

Flying On Tattered Wings

I am sure some of you of heard of the title before. Yes it is a poem I had written and yes it is a chapter in my new book. That is not why I called this one by that title. It is because well right now it is appropriate to me. It fit somehow. We had this circle of special friends that I am sure you all heard of. Yes sometimes I can blast it to hell and back. It is number one in my life of important things. I have tried a million and one times to make people aware of cancer and how it can come like the devil out of the rain, make it a full blown storm. How once afflicted the bastard has you dance with him for your soul. You dance till your exhausted. Till your brow is dripping sweat. Till feet are numb and your heart now aches. You dance to the point of exhaustion and try not to be defeated. You fall and get up and gasp for another breath. You slip , your drenched, your cold . Your body shivers and your soul is crying for a light. A light at the end of this dance. At t…

Men Are Drinking That Stupid Water Again

Just as we had thought they learned their lessons and the rash of side effects were now over oh no they are back again at . Evidently since its summer time Wal-Mart decided to put the water on sale. Yep worse than last time.
Now it’s buy one case and get the second one for free. Great just what we need.

My friend and I decided hey lets try something new and inventive. Called the travel agent. He now notice I said he here it will be important later on. He recommend the hotel. Great place to visit he says. Ok so off we go. We should of got the hint right then and there when the radio started playing Hotel California by the Eagles. Nope never occurred to us. Check in time. Here we are greeted by the head nut. Yep I said nut. Yes a male of course if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have a blog here on how stupid water affects males now would I. Let me tell you about this lovely hotel. They expect you to work not normal hours here we mean dam near around the clock. They expect you to k…

Author Debbie Nicholson Acquires New Country/ Rock Duo For Book Trailer

Author Debbie Nicholson has now acquired the new country/rock duo of Curtice/Markley. The duo comprised of Craig Curtice and Eric Markley.
Craig is responsible for lead vocals, lyric writing and production. Eric who has had his musical talent since a very early age of three years old, plays all the instruments, song engineer and co-producer. Their independent label is Cavehead Records.

Currently they are #198 in the nation country charts this is out of 3718. They are number 3 in Trenton area out of a total count of 38. These ratings are from ReverbNation.

Their first song “All Of The Above” is currently available for purchase from

Ms. Nicholson feels that their sound will soon bring a new wave of country to the scene. Ms. Nicholson will gladly admit that she herself is not an avid fan of country music, however that edge of rock n roll they add into their music had caught her attention. This had prompted Ms. Nicholson to develop a Squidoo le…


Sorry for interuption everyone I need big favor right now could you please call 313-298-1999 and request ALL OF THE ABOVE by CURTICE/MARKLEY and email the dj at fldav5@aol and request same....LETS ROCK THAT STATION ALIVE!!!

One more fav please could everyone of you plz and thank you email, im, post , twitter, facebook call 313-298-1999 request ALL OF THE ABOVE by CURTICE/MARKLEY and email dj at really really appreciate each and everyone of you for helping...your all number one to me..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ~HUGS~

I am sure some of you are wondering why I would put myself out their for someone. First off I always believed that you should help those who need help if you can do it. If you needed help I am sure you would be grateful if someone lent you a hand. Two they are friends of mine and friends do what friends do…they support each other through all things…lend a helping hand…and love and respect one another. So on that note that is why I am doing it. I wo…


On behalf of myself, Curtice/Markley and our respective staffs...We extend a very heartfelt thank you to the sailors of the USS ROOSEVELT Aircraft Carrier for their wonderful support of "All Of The Above" by Curtice/Markley.....taking time to help them get it known widely for everyone to enjoy this Holiday weekend...

If you have a free moment could you please help Curtice/Markely and the sailors spread the word ....
Call 1-313-298-1999 or 298-1067

Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth of July

From Author Deb Nicholson , Curtice/Markley and our repective staff's