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In Memory Of The Bear

This is written today with someone in mind. Someone who once was my friend, lover, soul-mate, husband. Someone that had brought me love and laughter through the tears. Someone I had lost four years ago today.

As I reflect maybe reflect is a bad word. More like memories flooding my mind right now that I can not stop. Remembrance of that fatal morning. The day my life changed forever. As my book stated if crying is good for the soul than my tears were 24kt gold that day. I grieved for a man I loved and cried for the same. I lost my heart and soul that day as it was ripped out of me.
One year later I watched it repeat itself. Now for the final time as this is the last memorial written for him. I can honestly state there are no more tears.

I know I could never change the events which occurred. I may have been able to choose different actions that day like not going to the relator for a closing. Staying up all night. In reality this would of not changed the final outcome ju…

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