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Baby Bonding with Pediatrician Dr. William Sears

Dr. William Sears discusses baby bonding and tips for parents on forging the bond before and after birth and maintaining the connection through daily routines. Read the article

10 Ways to love your brain; Easy steps to take

The Alzheimer’s Association unveils “10 Ways to Love Your Brain”
June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month.  Read full article on
the Examiner

Merck Manuals goes digital

Merck Manuals announced the launch of Global Medical Knowledge 2020 - a worldwide initiative to make the best medical information freely accessible to nearly three billion consumers and health care professionals by 2020.Read the full article at the Examiner

Merck encourages women to “Rule The Real Talk”

Merck is launching an educational campaign called "Rule the Real Talk" with Dr. Logan Levkoff, , and Dr. Rebecca Brightman, to help women spark important conversations about sexual health with both their partners and their health care providers. Read the article and hear the interview on the Examiner