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My friend

I must say that Miss Nicholson is a good friend maybe even the most awesome of friends. What a fighter she is maybe more of a fighter then all of us combined. Through our friendship I was able to begin a life long dream of writing only because of her inspirations. When I look back at my life and the hardships I have encountered mine are mild in caparison to hers. She everyday dances with a devil yet never loses her sense of purpose her wonderful wit or the awareness of her roots. You ask what devil well its cancer!! Yes that devil is a part of all our worlds. Can anyone say today that this devil hasn’t changed their world I sure you can’t? I have seen it in my family and in dear friends and lost my share. It’s been in my mom a survivor in the lose of my best friend to name a couple. For some it comes hard for others it is numbing for all it’s a tragedy. For my good friend Deb Nicholson it’s an outlet another way to express herself and a way for her to show the world she’s a winner. An…

Interview With Author Rick Shamber

Interview with Author Rick Schamber
Author Debbie Nicholson

What type of writing do you do? (example history, romance, how to et...)

I wrote book for the outdoor and hunting enthusiast in some what of a how to and fashion with stories included.

Where do you get your ideas from:?

My ideas come from many years of self study of wildlife along with 36 years as a successfully hunter and guide

When did you first decide you wanted to write?
I have wanted to write for several years just never got around to it and when I found time this last winter I decided to start so with pen and paper I did.

How would you describe your writing style?

Straight forward factual how to information including real life story's with a light side

Has anyone made a influence on you as a writer?
First off I would have to say my father even though he wasn't a pro writer he did write lots about his experiences in the second world war and his life like mater of fact style is what i hope i can reproduce in my writing

Do …

Interview Author Joshua Mccoy

Author Joshua Mccoy
by Author Deb Nicholson

What type of writing do you do? (example history, romance, how to et...)

mostly romance and erotica, generally a smooth blend of both, but i branched out past a specific genre and wrote work that covers a broad range of topics so my work could appeal to any type of reader, no matter what there particular taste, everyone is guarenteed to find something they can relate to and enjoy in my writings.

Where do you get your ideas from:?

my ideas are inpired from events of the world, written from words selected deep from within my heart, and brought to life by pouring out bits and pieces of my soul through my fingertips.feelings that arise from deep within that are too complex to be said aloud is generally the main generator for my ideas. everything i write has meaning, nothing is or ever will be, fabricated.

When did you first decide you wanted to write?

it kinda first started out like a journal that had too many doodle…