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Sarah Palin: Stop the Aerial Killing of Wolves!

Target: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
Governor Sarah Palin's administration has launched a terrible new assault on wolves in Alaska. In just a few days, 66 wolves were killed by aerial gunners with high-powered rifles. Even worse, Palin's Board of Game has also approved the use of poison gas and deadly snares to kill defenseless wolf pups and their families in and around their dens.
Governor Palin is escalating her bloody war on wolves, and we need your help to stop her. Too many wolves have already died needless deaths – this brutal practice has to stop. Sign our petition to send a message to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin urging her to end her war on Alaska's wolves.

Take Dog Fighting Seriously

Target: U.S. Governors
Sponsored by: ASPCA
Although dog fighting is a felony in all 50 United States, there are still some states that don't take it seriously.
As with any other illegal underground activity, it's impossible to determine how many people may be involved in dog fighting, but estimates are in the tens of thousands. This brutal blood sport is a pastime for rich and poor alike, and dog fighting has been reported in urban, suburban and rural settings in all regions of the country.
And unfortunately, because dog fighting is such a secretive enterprise, it makes it difficult for law enforcement to infiltrate. A dog fight investigation requires many of the same skills and resources as an undercover narcotics investigation, a challenge for many local agencies.
Tell your state governor that law enforcement should have the resources and motivation to take this crime seriously. Also, there should be local or state task forces to ensure a collaborative approach to ending this hei…

Which Way Do I Go George??

That seems to be the question I am asking lately. It seems like every time I turn around there is either another site to check on, write for, post on, et.
Check emails, do promos, talk to publisher, deal with agent, take time out for friends who somehow with no fault of their own seem to have a major dilemma in the middle of my tornado. It is my tornado and I really do not feel like sharing it. Come to think of it if I look around my house I can honestly say it hit here.

Just as three things get checked off list I add another half a dozen that need to be done. Unfortunately it seems by ends day. Now if the day ended on the time I needed like oh next Tuesday would be good. I may just have a chance to out run the tornado. Life however, is just not that simple. We all have commitments and other things to do. A lot of times we somehow manage to over book ourselves that two of us would be a good thing.

One of my best friends suggested I keep a planner, ah ok been doing that for y…

Debbie Nicholson's Column on Sex, Living and Relationships

Debbie Nicholson is a well known author and a major contributer to and without a doubt she is one of the best out there with a very high knowledge of human sexuality. Deb is here to answer your questions and offer some very good tips on making your sex life more interesting. If you have a question related to sex that you want answered just stop on by.

Watch for her new release this week, "Erotic Sensuality"

Love and Laughter Through The Tears is still available at

Ask Congress to support H.J. Res. 18

Targeting: members of the US Senate and members of the US House of Representatives
Started by: Endangered Species Coalition
Before leaving office, the Bush Administration snuck through midnight regulations that would weaken the Endangered Species Act. The regulations make it harder to protect polar bears, gray wolves, canadian lynx, pacific salmon and thousands of other endangered species.

The Endangered Species Act is the safety net for our nation's wildlife, fish and plants on the brink of extinction. The Bush Administration's new regulations cut a hole in the safety net and take scientists out of the decision making process.
Congress can overturn these regulations, but they need our support to do it. Please write your Members of Congress and urge them to save endangered species by co-sponsoring H.J. Res. 18 which would use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the Bush Administration's regulations.

Please send a letter now and help to stop the Bush Administration's …

Petition to President Obama to Save Endangered Species

Targeting: the President of the United States
Started by: Endangered Species Coalition
Join us in applauding President Obama's stated commitment to protect endangered species and restore scientific integrity. Urge President Obama to immediately reverse regulations that weaken the Endangered Species Act and to take steps to strengthen endangered species protections. The Bush Administration has pushed through last minute regulations to weaken the Endangered Species Act. The Obama administration has an opportunity to restore protections for our nation's disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild lands. Sign the petition to President Obama.

Sign Letter!

President Obama: Save Endangered Species

Petition to Save the Polar Bear

Targeting: Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar
Started by: Endangered Species Coalition
Time is running out to save the polar bear and other endangered species. As their sea ice habitat disappears, polar bears are starving and drowning, and mothers and cubs are dying as their snow dens collapse on them due to a warming climate. In addition, pollution from oil and gas drilling threatens to destroy what's left of the polar bear's disappearing habitat.

In their last days, the Bush Administration weakened protections for the polar bear and other endangered species. We have a few weeks to restore their protections under the Endangered Species Act.
Congress passed a bill that gives the Obama administration 60 days to overturn the Bush administration's regulations that weakened the Endangered Species Act and eliminated essential protections for the polar bear. Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar must take this critically important step to restore scientific integrity at the Department of…

New Squidoo Lens - petitions for animals

Get informed and become aware about the animals and what is really happening to them in the world.People are unaware of the true stories that these creatures have to face and endure on a daily basis.Enlighten yourself as to what is really going on in the world. Do not let ignorance be the reason you do not know. Become informed.

Help Save Wolves

Target: Randy Paynter, President of orginization, Defenders of WildlifeSponsor: Daphne Kusmer

Wolves are dissapearing from our world. People for many reasons. We should continue to lead the fight for wolf protection and recovery. As carnivores at the top of the food chain, gray wolves help maintain the flow of energy from the top down. The abundance and diversity of wolves help keep populations of plant-eating animals under control, including elk, deer and moose, that are among the prey selected by wolves. These larger herbivores require huge quantities of woody stems, herbs and lichens to meet their energy requirements for growth and reproduction. They can quickly deplete a landscape of vegetation, the primary producer of energy in an ecosystem, and the major source of food for first order consumers, the herbivores. However, when wolves are the top carnivores – second order consumers– in an ecosystem, elk and deer numbers are kept in check, leaving enough vegetation for smaller herbi…

We need to save wolves!!!

save the wolves from hunters!!!
Sponsored by:
Alisha C. First United Church Youth Group!!!
I just watched two videos on YouTube. They were about hunters killing wolves on purpose. It made me and all my friends mad. It said that a wildlife biologist is even for the killing of wolves. The worst thing was that they had pictures of dead wolves in a puddle of blood with the person who shot them. If you want to help them first you should go to YouTube and cheek out those bad videos. Lots of people own wolves ,that were bread to be pets, and they are no problem. Please help save the wolves!!!

Erma Bombeck Was Right If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries What Am I Doing In The Pits

No truer words have ever been spoken. I use to read everything this woman wrote. She could take daily life and make it so funny you could not stop laughing. She did have a valid point here “What am I doing in the pits”.
When it comes to relationships and life we sometimes feel as if we are in the pits. That the situation at hand is like one gigantic pit and we try to climb our way out to no avail. That no matter what we want, we are currently in our situation and there is no way out at the current time.
We all have to make choices at one time or another. Sometimes we make these choices not so much solely for ourselves but also for those around us that we love in our own way, whether it is our kids, friends or partners.
We do what we think is best at the time even if it means paying the consequences not being able to be or have what we really want. This is who we are as a person. Putting others we care about first and dealing with it as it comes. Grant it we may not be happy about it but …

Writers That Write

A lot of my friends out there that are writers can completely understand this one. Writers write that is what we do. We do not keep set hours, half the times I think we even forget where we are. We write what we feel, we write what we know, we write from the heart. As a writer we have all had questions about writing, we gladly answer them the best we can. Once in a while comes a question or two that can just either irate you to death or is so comical that the next thing you know your writing it. One friend that I have who has known me for awhile and states he does read what I write would have never asked the following: “What is it you exactly write”. My normal response is about life, the world around me and things that are happening.
My response should have been about you and your question in my blog.
I am really glad he reads everything I write. Many more fans like him and I could get unemployed here. Do not take that wrong he is a dear friend who after all this time should have known …

Urge Congress to Permanently Protect the Arctic Refuge!

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to caribou, snow fox and millions of migratory birds. It is also the most important onshore denning habitat for America's vanishing polar bears. But this natural treasure is constantly under siege. Time and time again, the oil industry and their allies in Congress have sought to open this special place to harmful new drilling, threatening all of the wildlife that depend on it for survival. We need to permanently protect the Arctic Refuge! Urge your Representative to support the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (H.R. 39) to permanently protect the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Sign letter to your Represenative


Check Out "Lost" by Justin Lanning

Alaska's majestic gray wolves are in grave danger

The state has issued permits to aerial gunners and pilots to chase the wolves, run them to exhaustion and shoot them from the air or to land and shoot them at point-blank range. Hundreds of wolves have already been killed, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her allies are targeting hundreds more this year!
Help us Save America's Wolves! Sign the petition below to urge President Barack Obama to end the brutal slaughter of these magnificent animals by enforcing the federal Airborne Hunting Act.

Evidently It Is In The Water

Here I thought things were improving. We all had resigned ourselves that men will be men. Given up all hope of any sound rationalization from them.

To coin a cliché “washed them right out of our hair”. Like what were we thinking, no we didn’t drink the water. However, it maybe necessary to either drink it ourselves or find a really really good shrink. Of course with our luck it would be a man who drank the water.

It is now confirmed that water has really strange effects to it. They now are starting to realize things they did not realize before. Nor do they remember much of what they had said or how they acted towards us. Yet they take another sip and whap here we go again the past remarks come to light only to be added to new ones. I swear we may have to drink the water in order to keep up. From what we heard it is on sale at Wal-Mart. Yep that dang smiley face rolled back the price on a case of it. Honestly, it is true. We have it on good authority that men at midnight, when it came on…

National Wolf Recovery Plan

Support a National Wolf Recovery Plan

A national wolf recovery plan would help ensure a lasting future for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies and provide a needed boost for wolf recovery and management efforts in the Southwest, Northeast and Pacific Northwest.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's existing recovery plans for America's wolves are badly out of date (the most recent plan is over 15-years old), do not reflect the most recent scientific data on wolves, and set recovery goals that are grossly inadequate. We can do better for America's wolves, but we'll need your help.


Alaska's majestic gray wolves are in grave danger. The state has issued permits to aerial gunners and pilots to chase the wolves, run them to exhaustion and shoot them from the air or to land and shoot them at point-blank range. Hundreds of wolves have already been killed, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her allies are targeting hundreds more this year!

Sign the petition urge President Barack Obama to end the brutal slaughter of these magnificent animals by enforcing the federal Airborne Hunting Act.
Thank you

Petition to President Obama to Save Endangered Species

Sign the Petition to President Obama to Save Endangered Species
Join us in applauding President Obama's stated commitment to protect endangered species and restore scientific integrity. Urge President Obama to immediately reverse regulations that weaken the Endangered Species Act and to take steps to strengthen endangered species protections.

Please sign/repost/email to your friends.



1,000 Wolves Could Be Killed! Demand Better Protection for Gray Wolves »
1,000 Wolves Could Be Killed - Demand Protection for Gray Wolves
Target: Interior Secretary Ken SalazarSponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has approved the Bush Administration's flawed plan to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains.
If this decision is allowed to stand, nearly two-thirds of the wolves in the Northern Rockies could be killed starting as soon as this spring.
All the reasons why this plan was a bad idea when the Bush administration proposed it still stand today. It fails to address biological concerns adequately, and to ensure healthy genetic exchange among wolves in the region. And it fails to address concerns with the wolf management plans in Montana and Idaho, which undermine a sustainable wolf population by killing too many wolves.
Send a letter to Secretary Salazar today – a…


Come and visit her on Squidoo.

See all the new things she is writting about.Learn about the author herself.Leave a comment, sign her guest book.

Interview on Author to Author

This month's featured author is Deb Nicholson! If you are an author interested in being featured drop me a line here, or at!

Deb Nicholson

1. Who designs your book covers?


2. What do you do when you hit writer's block?

Lets just say my house becomes really really clean.

3. Love and Laughter Through The Tears is the first book in a series. How many total will there be and will you write more in a series?

There will be three total. At this time I can say I am not planning on any more series.

4. What is the title of your next book and when is it coming out?

Erotic Sensuality it will be released the end of March. 5.
What is the most important thing(s) and/or person(s) in your life?

Health, family and friends. Of course my Godzilla Paws (wolf).

6. How many hours a day do you work and at what times?

It really all depends on the day. If there is anything else going on at the time. Usually about 6 hours a day or more. Can be in moring till night or…