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Support Children with Cancer and Other Deadly Diseases

Sponsored by: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Working together under one roof, physicians and scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have pioneered treatments that have helped push the overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent in 1962 to 80 percent today. And the survival rate for the most common form of childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has risen from just 4 percent to 94 percent during that same time.

St. Jude is one of the world's premier centers for the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases. Children from all 50 states and from around the world have come through the doors of St. Jude for treatment, and thousands more around the world have benefited from the research conducted at St. Jude - research that is shared freely with the global medical community. St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by ins…

Author Debbie Nicholson's New Book Now Released

Author Debbie Nicholson now announces the release of her new book "Love, Laughter, Tears In My Soul. This new book of Ms. Nicholson's is strictly poetry based on her Love And Laughter Trilogy.

Her first book in the trilogy "Love And Laughter Through The Tears" is available at Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, Target and many other stores.

Ms. Nicholson now presents to her readers this new book in time for the holiday season.


"I needed something to really tie up the Love and Laughter series. The idea of a book of poems based on the Love and Laughter series came to mind. With a little help from someone I love with all my heart, this book was created."

Love and Laughter Through The Tears

We fell so deeply,
our souls enter-twined,
we are eternal,
through the seeds of time,

You have given me laughter,
through pain and sorrow,
I still receive the humor,
through the breeze that flows,

Your time on earth ended,
I filled with tears,
I see and feel your presences near,

Reflections Of The Year

As we are near this years end close we all take a moment to reflect on things that have happened and occurred. In the world as events had unfolded but mostly we sit and reflect on our past year. I truly believe everyone does this if not they really should. Reflection is not a way to take stock of our faults or others. It is not a time to remember the not so kind person that have passed through our lives. It is a time to reflect things had personally occurred to us in our lives the things we shall remember of this year that will come past.

I look back at my friends how glad for the new one's I have acquired and very happy to have my old ones so present in my life. When I was dancing with the devil they were right there by my side. Keeping me from jumping off that cliff and wanting to give up and call it a permanent day in life forever. They made me laugh and even cry. They held me when I needed it and cursed with me when I became angry. They stood by me the whole time neve…

Biggest Irritations Of 2009

Since 2006 at the end of each year I list my biggest irritations of the year. So here we go the biggest ones I have endured for the years close.

I am sure everyone has seen the jeep commercial. Where we have these women who go to beauty salon and spend two hours getting their hair done. Mind you two hours in beauty salon is not cheap. Their hair comes out fantastic. They hop in their jeeps because nothing is going to stop them from driving their jeep. Okay no woman that I know of in her right mind will spend that time getting their hair done and blow it all to hell just to drive their jeep. Had to been a male who thought of that commercial.

Best Buy commercial now I like Best Buy I got this computer there. However, I know for a fact we don't pull up to best buy wondering what to buy someone and have a group of Christmas caroling employees belt out a song that tells what it is we want.

Geico commercial is not any better here. Grant it some are cute. The one with the boss…

Author Debbie Nicholson soon to release "Love, Laughter, Tears In My Soul

Created 11/19/2009 - 11:19

Author Debbie Nicholson of "Love And Laughter Through The Tears" part of the Love and Laughter trilogy announces her new book "Love, Laughter, Tears In My Soul". It is a poetry book based upon her love and laughter trilogy.


"I needed something to really tie up the Love and Laughter series. The idea of a book of poems based on the Love and Laughter series came to mind. With a little help from someone I love with all my heart, this book was created."

Love and Laughter Through The Tears

We fell so deeply,
our souls enter-twined,
we are eternal,
through the seeds of time,

You have given me laughter,
through pain and sorrow,
I still receive the humor,
through the breeze that flows,

Your time on earth ended,
I filled with tears,
I see and feel your presences near,
now the tears hold joy,
for your still eternally here,

You have brought me love and laughter through the tears

Ms. Nicholson has received numerous reviews of her poetry these include:

And I Thought Dancing With The Devil Was Tough

I have danced with the devil to survive. I have actually won and found rainbow each time. It was a hard dance. For those of us who have danced or are dancing know how hard it can be. The pain, fear, tension, anxiety and whatever else you care to add into the mix. However, yep you knew I had one coming and yes it is the male species again. I guess they just can not stop drinking that stupid water or something. I am just so frustrated I could most likely scream at this point. Wait I have. Do not get me wrong here not all males are stubborn and so dam conforming in the me male you woman routine. Some can not seem to get past it though. I do not mean to clean house, have dinner ready. Oh no its much much worse it is the old adage I be male hear me roar or bleach whatever the case my be at the time. I have to do it all. I have to be responsible for all finances if not my dam ego takes a blow. Hello guys this is 2009. Just to give you a news flash while you are sipping that d…

My friend

I must say that Miss Nicholson is a good friend maybe even the most awesome of friends. What a fighter she is maybe more of a fighter then all of us combined. Through our friendship I was able to begin a life long dream of writing only because of her inspirations. When I look back at my life and the hardships I have encountered mine are mild in caparison to hers. She everyday dances with a devil yet never loses her sense of purpose her wonderful wit or the awareness of her roots. You ask what devil well its cancer!! Yes that devil is a part of all our worlds. Can anyone say today that this devil hasn’t changed their world I sure you can’t? I have seen it in my family and in dear friends and lost my share. It’s been in my mom a survivor in the lose of my best friend to name a couple. For some it comes hard for others it is numbing for all it’s a tragedy. For my good friend Deb Nicholson it’s an outlet another way to express herself and a way for her to show the world she’s a winner. An…

Interview With Author Rick Shamber

Interview with Author Rick Schamber
Author Debbie Nicholson

What type of writing do you do? (example history, romance, how to et...)

I wrote book for the outdoor and hunting enthusiast in some what of a how to and fashion with stories included.

Where do you get your ideas from:?

My ideas come from many years of self study of wildlife along with 36 years as a successfully hunter and guide

When did you first decide you wanted to write?
I have wanted to write for several years just never got around to it and when I found time this last winter I decided to start so with pen and paper I did.

How would you describe your writing style?

Straight forward factual how to information including real life story's with a light side

Has anyone made a influence on you as a writer?
First off I would have to say my father even though he wasn't a pro writer he did write lots about his experiences in the second world war and his life like mater of fact style is what i hope i can reproduce in my writing

Do …

Interview Author Joshua Mccoy

Author Joshua Mccoy
by Author Deb Nicholson

What type of writing do you do? (example history, romance, how to et...)

mostly romance and erotica, generally a smooth blend of both, but i branched out past a specific genre and wrote work that covers a broad range of topics so my work could appeal to any type of reader, no matter what there particular taste, everyone is guarenteed to find something they can relate to and enjoy in my writings.

Where do you get your ideas from:?

my ideas are inpired from events of the world, written from words selected deep from within my heart, and brought to life by pouring out bits and pieces of my soul through my fingertips.feelings that arise from deep within that are too complex to be said aloud is generally the main generator for my ideas. everything i write has meaning, nothing is or ever will be, fabricated.

When did you first decide you wanted to write?

it kinda first started out like a journal that had too many doodle…

Two Sisters Promotions Announcing Young New Hip/Hop Artist

Published on PressReleasePoint (
Two Sisters Promotions Announcing Young New Hip/Hop Artist
By authordebnicholson
Created 08/21/2009 - 19:44
Two Sisters Promotions a sister owned promotions company for musical talent, authors among others. One of the owners of Two Sisters Promotions is Author Debbie Nicholson known for her book “Love And Laughter Through The Tears” and her soon to be released books “Dancing With The Devil” a pilgrimage of a life threatening illness. Also in correlation with the book is “ Dancing With The Devil Until We Make It Right” a poetry book related to the book and poems included from the book.
Ms. Nicholson and her sister Ms. Toni Hawley also run a cancer support group Special Circle Of Friends in which Ms. Nicholson founded. Ms. Hawley is very active member of Rely for Life. Together these two sisters have now bonded their talents to create their own promotions company to give musical artists, authors and others a chance to ris…

Curtice/Markley New Release

Curtice/Markley once again has brought their amazing new sound to light once more. Now available is their new song “Down And Durty” (rough mix). With just enough cutting edge sound to keep you dancing in your seat.

Their first song “All Of The Above” had left their fans wanting more. So once again they have brought their flair to us once again. Since that first release they now have a fan group set up for all their fans to be able to keep up with events of their music and general on goings in life.

Not only do they donate their gift of music to the world to enjoy. They also have donated this talent to the cause of one of the nations leading deadly disease of cancer. They have joined forces with Author Debbie Nicholson in her cause for cancer awareness and support. They currently are working on a new song for Ms. Nicholson’s book trailer featuring her book soon to be released “Dancing With The Devil” the account of her and some of her friends struggles with this disease.

In new an…

Published on PressReleasePoint (

Author Debbie Nicholson Has Minor Set Back

Created 07/13/2009 - 12:12

A press release was issued back in January of this year that Author Debbie Nicholson had returned to the literary world after battling a life threatening illness.
For the author who has overcome many obstacles in the past few years she is once again challenged. Her illness has unfortunately returned once more. She is being treated at the current time. We have confidence that she will pull this again.
Ms. Nicholson author of “Love And Laughter Through The Tears” book one in a trilogy of the “Love And Laughter” series and upcoming book soon for release “Dancing With The Devil” with original music score for her book trailer done by Curtice/Markley who are joining Ms. Nicholson in her support group. They are donating their time and talent to her cause.
Ms. Nicholson who can be found all over the world wide web has recently brought several postings on her blog to life. Surrounding cancer and it’s effects not only on those…

Before It’s Too Late

Before it's to late,
I want to lay with you each night,
wake up with you in the morning sun,

Before it's to late,
I want to walk with you hand in hand,
in the dusk of night,

Before it's to late,
I want you to hold me tight,
like you will never let go,

Before it's to late,
I want to feel your touch,
embrace our bodies entertained,

Before it's to late,
I want us to walk in the rain,
to do all the things we can,

Before it's to late,
I want to be with you,
share our love while I can,

Before it's to late,
Debbie Nicholson
Copyright ©2009 Debbie Nicholson

Ok now I probably got a lot of persons now confused. To date or as far back as I can think of never have I started a blog with a poem. For this one it was deemed appropriate. I can preach and give as many lectures as I want at times. I can yell what I have to say from the roof tops from here to heaven and back. I can put my words on a billboard or write them on paper and throw them into the sea. My point here sometimes it s…

Flying On Tattered Wings

I am sure some of you of heard of the title before. Yes it is a poem I had written and yes it is a chapter in my new book. That is not why I called this one by that title. It is because well right now it is appropriate to me. It fit somehow. We had this circle of special friends that I am sure you all heard of. Yes sometimes I can blast it to hell and back. It is number one in my life of important things. I have tried a million and one times to make people aware of cancer and how it can come like the devil out of the rain, make it a full blown storm. How once afflicted the bastard has you dance with him for your soul. You dance till your exhausted. Till your brow is dripping sweat. Till feet are numb and your heart now aches. You dance to the point of exhaustion and try not to be defeated. You fall and get up and gasp for another breath. You slip , your drenched, your cold . Your body shivers and your soul is crying for a light. A light at the end of this dance. At t…

Men Are Drinking That Stupid Water Again

Just as we had thought they learned their lessons and the rash of side effects were now over oh no they are back again at . Evidently since its summer time Wal-Mart decided to put the water on sale. Yep worse than last time.
Now it’s buy one case and get the second one for free. Great just what we need.

My friend and I decided hey lets try something new and inventive. Called the travel agent. He now notice I said he here it will be important later on. He recommend the hotel. Great place to visit he says. Ok so off we go. We should of got the hint right then and there when the radio started playing Hotel California by the Eagles. Nope never occurred to us. Check in time. Here we are greeted by the head nut. Yep I said nut. Yes a male of course if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have a blog here on how stupid water affects males now would I. Let me tell you about this lovely hotel. They expect you to work not normal hours here we mean dam near around the clock. They expect you to k…

Author Debbie Nicholson Acquires New Country/ Rock Duo For Book Trailer

Author Debbie Nicholson has now acquired the new country/rock duo of Curtice/Markley. The duo comprised of Craig Curtice and Eric Markley.
Craig is responsible for lead vocals, lyric writing and production. Eric who has had his musical talent since a very early age of three years old, plays all the instruments, song engineer and co-producer. Their independent label is Cavehead Records.

Currently they are #198 in the nation country charts this is out of 3718. They are number 3 in Trenton area out of a total count of 38. These ratings are from ReverbNation.

Their first song “All Of The Above” is currently available for purchase from

Ms. Nicholson feels that their sound will soon bring a new wave of country to the scene. Ms. Nicholson will gladly admit that she herself is not an avid fan of country music, however that edge of rock n roll they add into their music had caught her attention. This had prompted Ms. Nicholson to develop a Squidoo le…


Sorry for interuption everyone I need big favor right now could you please call 313-298-1999 and request ALL OF THE ABOVE by CURTICE/MARKLEY and email the dj at fldav5@aol and request same....LETS ROCK THAT STATION ALIVE!!!

One more fav please could everyone of you plz and thank you email, im, post , twitter, facebook call 313-298-1999 request ALL OF THE ABOVE by CURTICE/MARKLEY and email dj at really really appreciate each and everyone of you for helping...your all number one to me..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ~HUGS~

I am sure some of you are wondering why I would put myself out their for someone. First off I always believed that you should help those who need help if you can do it. If you needed help I am sure you would be grateful if someone lent you a hand. Two they are friends of mine and friends do what friends do…they support each other through all things…lend a helping hand…and love and respect one another. So on that note that is why I am doing it. I wo…


On behalf of myself, Curtice/Markley and our respective staffs...We extend a very heartfelt thank you to the sailors of the USS ROOSEVELT Aircraft Carrier for their wonderful support of "All Of The Above" by Curtice/Markley.....taking time to help them get it known widely for everyone to enjoy this Holiday weekend...

If you have a free moment could you please help Curtice/Markely and the sailors spread the word ....
Call 1-313-298-1999 or 298-1067

Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth of July

From Author Deb Nicholson , Curtice/Markley and our repective staff's


Curtice/Markley country/acoustic/classic rock fresh out of Trenton, Michigan. These cousins after a term of estrangement have recently reunited to bring their musical talents in to the world.

They have just put out their first conducive demo entitled “All Of The Above”. Judging by the sound of their musical talents these two should take the country music world by storm.

This duo is formed of Eric Markley and Craig Curtice forming the group Curtice/Markley.

Craig Curtice is responsible for lead vocals, lyric writing and production.
Eric Markley who has had musical talent since the very early age of three years old plays all the instruments. They have formed a unique sound which stays with you in your mind, heart and soul after listening to it.

In this authors opinion their sound will soon bring a new wave of country to the scene. Stay tuned for the squidoo lens of Curtice/Markley which I am in process of creating complete with author testimonial.

As always place help support y…

Keep On Dancin

This will make sense to the special circle of friends, those with rainbows or waiting for them. It may make sense to our friends we have there with us that give us strength and courage each day. It may hopefully make sense to the rest of you.

Dancin with the devil in the rain. One more time you need to dance. Grant it I know from first hand experience along with those of us who have danced and are still dancing.
It is not easy when your doing the dancing in the rain and all you see is storm clouds. It is not easy when the storm clouds start to drop hard rain down and you feel as all you are doing is slipping on the ground and never gaining your footing. You look for shelter but there is none that you can see to seek out. The storm is fierce and intense and is tiring you out. You question the meaning of the dance what is the sense. You just want to lay down in the rain let it keep on falling. Lay on down and let him out dance your soul. You are tired of dancing, tired of the …

Todays Petitions

Save Critical Habitat for the Florida Panther

Target: Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
Sponsored by: Sierra Club
No protected habitat exists for the Florida panther, the only big cat east of the Mississippi. And fewer than 100 individual panthers remain, making the Florida Panther one of America's most endangered species.
Scientists conclude that the panther's existing habitat is the bare minimum needed for the remaining population to survive. Five panthers have already been killed on south Florida highways this year, with an additional 24 panthers killed by vehicles in the preceding two years. This situation must not continue.
The Interior Department has the ability under the Endangered Species Act to protect the remaining habitat now. Urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to designate critical habitat for the Florida panther today!
deadline: Ongoing...
goal: 10,000

End "Finning" -- Save the Sharks!



Dancin for today,
with hopes of tomarrow,
Dancin for a rainbow,
instead of rain,
Dancin in the storm,
with the devil at my heels,
Dancin to out run the pain,
fighting to survive,
Dancin for my life,
for those I love,
Dancin for those needing rainbows,
remembering those gone not forgotten,
Dancin till the end of my day,
my final memory will be,
Dancin in the rain with the devil,
till there is a cure,
Until and if that day should come,
I will be dancin with the devil,
in the rain till there is a cure,

Debbie Nicholson
Copyright ©2009 Debbie Nicholson

Radio Interview Sunday 2pm est.

Radio Interview Sunday May 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
On The Patriot Hour on Blog Talk Radio
She will be discussing her book “Love And Laughter Through The Tears”
A spiritual journey of love, laughter and tears. Through tragedy and the paths that led her back to new found enlightenment. Starting life once more.

Also her new group: Special Circle Of Friends

For those who have survived the devil (cancer) and found their rainbow, those still dancing in the rain hoping for one to shine through, those who have become special angels who have lost the rainbow but are not forgotten. Family and friends are also welcomed into the circle.

Join her fan group on Facebook

Special Circle Of Friends

You are cordially invited to join us:

This is a group for those that have survived and found a rainbow, those looking for their rainbow, Friends/Family of those who have rainbows, need rainbows or
Know a Special Angel Friend

Come join and help us “dance with the devil until there is a cure”.

Why Am I Dancing With The Devil

Simply because I can. I am not the only one dancing with him either.
I would like to thank those of you that sent me messages about doing my dance. You have taken the time to find out why and support the dance with me. However, I am going to take a moment to say for those of you who did not read the blog or have enough common sense to find out why before messaging me with some statement which I find to be a little rude ok a lot rude and inconsiderate, maybe you should of found out first. The dance is a very serious one as most of us are aware. I do not need smart remarks about how you would like to dance with me. If you have been paying attention to the blog and bulletins you would of known why. Instead you prefer to take out a minute or two and prove just what type of a jerk you can be. Then after you find out you just stammer a message on back to me. Like that old saying goes ignite brain before words leave your mouth and are put in a message that you will regret and feeling…

Where We Find Love

We all want love to be found. We all want to share that special feeling with someone. We want someone to share our life with, be our best friend, lover and significant other. We want to have this for one person for the rest of our life.

A lot of us have been looking for it to no avail. We feel as if at times we try to dam hard and then again maybe not enough. We see our friends so dam happy to the point it actually can bring us down and spark a little envy inside our souls. So where do we find love? I am sure we have all tried the general avenues of this one from dating sites to blind dates and don’t even start me on those. We sit home alone at night wondering if we will ever find it or is this our destiny just to be alone. Then you hear that infamous line “ you will find love when you least expect it. Yeah right sure not a problem. Ha bet me. Seriously make me a bet on that one. It is not that easy. You hear a lot of where to meet that perfect someone and just about try …

Special Circle Of Friends

First I would like to state for the record that all my friends are very special to me. That I always tried not to make one more special than the other. They each have their own qualities that bring something special into my life each and every day. Whether it is their sense of humor or their ability to give advice. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart. I am glad to be friends with each one of them. This includes all my friends both on and off line.

However, among the many friends there is a special group, a circle of friends. You could say we belong to a select society if you will. We share love, laughter and tears. It is a society where there is really only one membership requirement. It is a requirement we all have met. It is a requirement that no one should ever have to meet. Our circle is one that you do not wish to join this society. For if we all had our way we would not belong to it either. For your journey starts at disbelief and takes you on a lot o…

They Actually Do Hold Stupid Water Meetings

Never thought they would but they do hold meetings now for it. Us women knew men were starting to drink that stupid water when their ah well memory shall we say started failing or they were acting stranger than normal which is hard to tell. Depends on your definition of normal. We knew they had sold this water at Wal-Mart by the case. Now we have evidence they hold meetings. Yes it is true ladies, they now hold meetings for the stupid water drinking. The chapters name, what else of course, Men Who Drink Stupid Water. Where are these held? Yep, you guessed it at the Wal-Mart parking lot at midnight. Several sightings have been reported throughout the United States. It’s like a mass cult or something going on. Reminds me of the pod people. Umm could be on to something here.

Latest round of events was enough for us. We figured it could not get stranger or worse. We were wrong. Yes men I admitted it we were wrong. Not as wrong as the male population lately but wrong. Ok, n…

Looking for Our Pagan Rights as Humans

General Community
Sponsored by:
Have you ever been thrown out of a community because you were Pagan? Many people around the world suffer from people disliking them because of a misconception about their religion. Many people think that we as Pagans practice "Black Magick", sacrifice other peoples livestock and do more terrable things like that. This is a total misconception that needs to stop. I am urging you to sign this petition so that we can ask of the community to rid themselves of this terrable misunderstanding, and open their minds to what we have to say. Please sign this petition for the better of the earth as a whole.


chinese fur farms
Sponsored by:
lauren @
THE INFO I FOUND ON FUR FARMS IS SICKENING. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO PUT IT ON THIS PETITION. IF U WANT TO READ IT, GO ON . IT IS NOT NORMAL!! now i will write something less graphic about this horrific thing. the stuff i read made me cry, there are videos as well.
Fur farms are terrible things, where animals are trapped cruelly in tiny cages where they can barely move and then they are horrificly killed in the most inhumane ways. Skinning, Clubbing, Hanging, and many other unecessary procedures are done to kill the animals. People step on the animals necks so they cant breath and kill them. They are still alive when they skin them, they let them die the most painful deaths. Even dogs are getting killed for fur!! A hidden camera proved everything that happened. The Fur Farm workers do not care at all for the animals and then just chuck them in a pile to let them bleed…

Help Wildhorse Ranch Rescue Save Horses from Abuse

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Sponsored by:
InSpirit Life Coaching
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue ( was founded in 1995 by Kimberly Meagher, a single mother of two young children. Kim and her children ran the rescue privately saving horses and mules until WHRR became a 501(c)(3) charity in 2001.
While raising her children on her own, she worked tirelessly to rescue horses, mules and donkeys from abuse, neglect, slaughter and premature death. The plight of the homeless horse became her mission. She eventually went through all of her own money to help fund the rescue, including her retirement fund. The eventual loss of Kim's job did not help. The struggle every day to pay for feed, medical care when necessary and monthly bills can be staggering.
WHRR relies solely on donations and the kindness of those who give of their time to help raise funds, run events and care for the herd. With approximately 40 volunteers, the herd of horses and mules are fed twice …