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Todays Petitions

Save Critical Habitat for the Florida Panther

Target: Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar
Sponsored by: Sierra Club
No protected habitat exists for the Florida panther, the only big cat east of the Mississippi. And fewer than 100 individual panthers remain, making the Florida Panther one of America's most endangered species.
Scientists conclude that the panther's existing habitat is the bare minimum needed for the remaining population to survive. Five panthers have already been killed on south Florida highways this year, with an additional 24 panthers killed by vehicles in the preceding two years. This situation must not continue.
The Interior Department has the ability under the Endangered Species Act to protect the remaining habitat now. Urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to designate critical habitat for the Florida panther today!
deadline: Ongoing...
goal: 10,000

End "Finning" -- Save the Sharks!



Dancin for today,
with hopes of tomarrow,
Dancin for a rainbow,
instead of rain,
Dancin in the storm,
with the devil at my heels,
Dancin to out run the pain,
fighting to survive,
Dancin for my life,
for those I love,
Dancin for those needing rainbows,
remembering those gone not forgotten,
Dancin till the end of my day,
my final memory will be,
Dancin in the rain with the devil,
till there is a cure,
Until and if that day should come,
I will be dancin with the devil,
in the rain till there is a cure,

Debbie Nicholson
Copyright ©2009 Debbie Nicholson

Radio Interview Sunday 2pm est.

Radio Interview Sunday May 10 at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
On The Patriot Hour on Blog Talk Radio
She will be discussing her book “Love And Laughter Through The Tears”
A spiritual journey of love, laughter and tears. Through tragedy and the paths that led her back to new found enlightenment. Starting life once more.

Also her new group: Special Circle Of Friends

For those who have survived the devil (cancer) and found their rainbow, those still dancing in the rain hoping for one to shine through, those who have become special angels who have lost the rainbow but are not forgotten. Family and friends are also welcomed into the circle.

Join her fan group on Facebook

Special Circle Of Friends

You are cordially invited to join us:

This is a group for those that have survived and found a rainbow, those looking for their rainbow, Friends/Family of those who have rainbows, need rainbows or
Know a Special Angel Friend

Come join and help us “dance with the devil until there is a cure”.

Why Am I Dancing With The Devil

Simply because I can. I am not the only one dancing with him either.
I would like to thank those of you that sent me messages about doing my dance. You have taken the time to find out why and support the dance with me. However, I am going to take a moment to say for those of you who did not read the blog or have enough common sense to find out why before messaging me with some statement which I find to be a little rude ok a lot rude and inconsiderate, maybe you should of found out first. The dance is a very serious one as most of us are aware. I do not need smart remarks about how you would like to dance with me. If you have been paying attention to the blog and bulletins you would of known why. Instead you prefer to take out a minute or two and prove just what type of a jerk you can be. Then after you find out you just stammer a message on back to me. Like that old saying goes ignite brain before words leave your mouth and are put in a message that you will regret and feeling…

Where We Find Love

We all want love to be found. We all want to share that special feeling with someone. We want someone to share our life with, be our best friend, lover and significant other. We want to have this for one person for the rest of our life.

A lot of us have been looking for it to no avail. We feel as if at times we try to dam hard and then again maybe not enough. We see our friends so dam happy to the point it actually can bring us down and spark a little envy inside our souls. So where do we find love? I am sure we have all tried the general avenues of this one from dating sites to blind dates and don’t even start me on those. We sit home alone at night wondering if we will ever find it or is this our destiny just to be alone. Then you hear that infamous line “ you will find love when you least expect it. Yeah right sure not a problem. Ha bet me. Seriously make me a bet on that one. It is not that easy. You hear a lot of where to meet that perfect someone and just about try …