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Prevent And Treat Cancer Through Your Daily Foods

April 30, 11:31 AM · debbie nicholson - St. Louis Alternative Medicine Examiner

In the United States more than 500,000 persons die from cancer. National Cancer Researcher Rachael
Stolzenberg-Solomon believes that the most inexpensive and easiest way to prevent cancer is through your diet. Findings from the American Association for Cancer Research show that persons who eat certain foods are less likely to get cancer.

Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage have powerful antioxidants that have the possibility of to decrease the risk of getting cancer. Carrots contain immense amounts of beta carotene that possibly reduce the risk of a ample span of cancers like throat, bladder, prostate, lung, breast and more.

Other vegetables to help with cancer are:
Chili Peppers
Cruciferous such as broccoli
Sea Weed and other Sea vegetables
Sweet Potato
Dark Leafy Vegetables such as spinach and romaine lettuce
Soy P…

Author Rick Schamber Appearing On Kelly Outdoors

Author Rick Schamber will be appearing on Kelly Outdoors Blog Radio on Wednesday 10 pm eastern time.
Tune in to hear Mr. Schamber discuss his latest books, hunting, guiding and more.

Kelly Outdoors is hosted by Mr. Kelly himself. Kelly Outdoors says it all, it is all about the great outdoors and the aspects what the outdoors has to present. Hunting, fishing, boating and more outdoor sports are featured with numerous guests such as Michael Pearce, outdoor writer/photographer. You can read his articles in various magazines such as Outdoor Life.
Mr. Schamber in his own right has been a hunter for 35 years and served as a pro guide for 18 years. He is rated in the state of Florida as one of the top seven turkey contest callers, places in the top eight for the Eastern United States. He also has placed in the top 100 trophy for white tail deer guiding and in the top 50 guides for wild turkey in the Mid West United States.
Mr. Schamber has now br…

Prostate Cancer Most Common Cancer For Men


Prostate Cancer One Of The Top Ten Cancers

New reported cases in 2009 192,280 new cases were reported unfortunately there were also 27,360 deaths which occurred.
The prostate is about one inch in diameter gland located at the bottom of the bladder. It weighs roughly 20 grams and is comprised of gland, muscle, fibrous and vascular tissue. Regardless of it's tiny size it can be the foundation for a life-threatening condition known as prostate cancer.
Men 90 years of age and older upon their death autopsy's showed signs of prostate cancer.
Researchers in March of 2010 found that infertile men may have greater chances of developing vigorous prostate cancer. Dr. Thomas Walsh of the University of Washington who headed the research had stated "What is surprising is that we see this high rate of high-grade prostate cancer." He went on to state that the definitive effect on vigorous tumors is essential. The first reason being that the added risks is not just limited to infertile men being screened more frequently be…


The Mayor of Venice Massimo Cacciari and all decision makers in Venice, Italy
Sponsored by:
Irene Katsouri
This is a petition for abolishing the new law in Venice (Italy) that forbids people to feed pigeons in the WHOLE city and if one is caught throwing crumbs to the birds is fined. The Venetian community has also ordered the killing of thousands of pigeons.

The purpose of this law is to reduce the number of pigeons in order to protect the historical monuments, but to reduce it by letting the pigeons die of starvation or by killing them is cruel and inhuman. The historical monuments could be protected in different ways, e.g. by fixing spines or wires on the buildings that prevent pigeons from perching on them and by cleaning the monuments regularly with water. Pigeons could also be fed with sterilizing medicines so that their number remained under control.

Regarding the common fears that pigeons could be dangerous for public health, expert vets (e.g. Enrico Moriconi, Presid…

Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss

Very rarely do I rant or rave about comments I receive I am now taking exception to that rule. I had written a article which for public information as most of you are aware was one the leading news stories nation wide. Are School Lunches Becoming A Security Threat. There were a lot of freelance reporters covering this story, I was one of them that had it assigned to me.

I had received a comment from a person who did not drink the stupid water or fall in it, they were just plain rude and ignorant.

I would like to state that they are entitled to their own opinion, however, I and other readers who follow me did not find it comical.

I would like to know what is “so funny” about children being over weight. I fail to see the humor here.
What is so dam funny about the fact that being obese can lead to heart conditions, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes not to mention certain forms of cancer such as bowl.

What is funny that being over weight causes lung problems complete with shortness of bre…
Obesity in children is increasing. According to the National Center Health Statics, 17 percent of children aged 2 -19 years old are obese. There is no question that being obese can lead to a major list of health problems such as heart attach, stroke, high blood pressure and even certain types of cancer like bowl cancer. Children who are obese suffer from increases in Type II Diabetes. It has been sourced directly to diet which contains exceedingly prepared foods fast food with exorbitant amounts of sugar.

As we know a child should never be put on a definitive diet. Set healthy weight loss goals for your child with a registered dietician and physician. The major part of this is to feed children real food Food that was food once before the processed era came along.

Meat, poultry and fish along with eggs, dairy products and grains will provide protein. Include vegetables in their daily diet. If your children do not like them you can put them under pizza toppings or try serving them differ…

Are School Lunches Becoming A National Security Threat

Mission Readiness a bipartisan, non- profit organization led by senior retired military officers, conducted a study that indicates school lunches are making American children obese. A very small group could meet the standards of the military's physical fitness.

Navy Rear Admiral Retired James Barnett Jr. who is a member of Mission Readiness indicated that in the year 2030, national security of this country will be totally relied on the reverting the obesity rates in American children.

Tuesday's report states that 27 percent of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are overweight to join the military. They have admitted freely that other factors such as criminal records and lack of high school diplomas are reasons for rejections into the military. The weight problems have seemingly increased over the last plus 10 years.

Statistics from Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention attest to a powerful climb in obesity of young Americans country wide since 1955. Currently there are 3…

Now Is The Time

I always said when I knew it was the time I would know it. Yesterday was one of those days that somehow ended up with reflections of the past, present and future.

I had gone on Page Readers to give a interview with Nanci. I completely enjoyed being on her show. If you have not heard her shows I suggest you take a listen. We talked about my books especially Love And Laughter Trilogy and the cancer work I am involved in. Left me in a good mood. Reflections of the past of Sam was hard. As I stated just as think it is behind me it comes back. I will never forget the day I had found him. The day I watched him being placed in body body and the funeral home putting him on gurney and taking him out of our home, never to return. I will always remember the paramedics and how his body jumped when they tried to shock him back. I will remember that short lived moment when there was a small beat then how all went straight. How the dark clouds were now moving in. How my life was about to change.

Author Debbie Nicholson Appearing On Page Readers

Author Debbie Nicholson of the Love and Laughter Trilogy will be giving an interview today at Noon Eastern Standard time on Page Readers Blog Talk Radio.

Ms. Nicholson’s will be discussing her latest release “Love And Laughter After The Tears" book 2 in the Love And Laughter Trilogy.

Faith does move in mysterious ways. The spiritual journey of love, laughter and tears was not yet to be finished. Tragedy and sorrow was to be revisited once more. Spiritual enlightenment was needed to be found once more.


It was a year ago that I had woke. The fatal end looming thick in the air. The day my life was shattered. My heart ripped out and my soul lost. It was a time I grieved so deep that black skies were present. A day my tears should of been 24kt gold. A time I wish I could totally forget.

Recently Released also on Amazon Books:

“Sweet Serenity” is a collection of all original quotes and poems written by Ms. Nicholson. Romance at its finest. S…

You Know Its A Bad Day When Your Personalities Argue

You know you have had a really bad day when all your personalities can't seem to get along. I found this to be very true today. How? Because mine sure didn't. They seem to be arguing among each other, thank God they left me out of it. Who I was at which time. Let's recount shall we from early this morning about 5 am I turned into one of my office staff doing social accounts. Then I got to be freelance writer. Jumped on over to author. Then to support group founder then back to author. Pits stop time needed a dam cigarette here at that point and number 4 on the pot of coffee. Then business owner. Then back to author, then freelancer then at that point I sat back and let my personalities figure it out. I was dam tired too.

If that is not enough today. One friend calls me and says are you on your cell? Now, bear this in mind she had called my cell phone number to ask me this question. Ah, OK maybe I should borrow her one of my personalities. After that event, called my signi…

Special Blog Announcement

My upcoming book “Dancin With The Devil Till We Make It Right” shortly will be underway. I decided to add a new twist with this book. I am asking persons who have/had cancer, those who have someone close to them that have/had, or did not receive their rainbows in time a special request if you will.

For the book which is poetry based on “Dancin With The Devil”, if you wish to submit a few lines of thought. Whether it be inspirational, sad, happy, hopeful, and so on.
I will be reviewing them and creating the poems for the book out of them. I can not guarantee every person who sends one in will be used. I will try to use all I can.

The reason for doing this is simple. For those of us who have/had danced with the devil know what it is truly like. For those of us who have witnessed it you have attained a knowledge of what we have/had gone through. Those of us who have lost someone to the devil it is the fact the may be gone but not forgotten. They are now are special angel friends.

I wa…

Authors Debbie Nicholson and Rick Schamber Appearing On Page Readers

Author Debbie Nicholson of the Love and Laughter Trilogy will be giving an interview tomorrow morning at 10 am Pacific Standard time on Page Readers Blog Talk Radio.

Author Rick Schamber of Wild Turkey Spring Fling will be giving his interview at 3 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Ms. Nicholson will be discussing her second book in the Love And Laughter Trilogy: Love And Laughter After The Tears. Among other books she has written.

Ms. Nicholson is also author of Love, Laughter And Tears In My Soul. Another poetry book based on the Love And Laughter Series. She is also founder of Special Circle Of Friends a cancer support group and Musicians Fight For Life a non-profit organization to help those with cancer.

To learn more about Ms. Nicholson check out her Official Author Page at

Mr. Schamber will be discussing his new release Wild Turkey Spring Fling. He is also author of Wild Turkey: My Stories From The Field Vol.…

Author Debbie Nicholson Appearing On Poetic Monthly

Author Debbie Nicholson of the Love and Laughter Trilogy will be giving an interview tomorrow night at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard time on Poetic Monthly Blog Talk Radio.

Ms. Nicholson’s will be discussing her latest release “Sweet Serenity”. A book of poetry that was written especially for and dedicated to her significant other. Ms. Nicholson states she written the book for him not only because of the support he has given her in her career and other life aspects. It was also written because of the love, trust and happiness he has shown to her since they had met. Most of all her way of thanking him for being by her side while she was “Dancing With The Devil” cancer. She remarks that he held her up even at the worse moments during her battle and never once letting her fall.

“Sweet Serenity” is a collection of all original quotes and poems written by Ms. Nicholson. Romance at its finest. Sometimes words may fail but poems never do.
In the book passio…