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Recent Out Breaks Of Stupid Water Drinking New Reports In

And yep they are drinking it again. Ok, now my friends should know better. Oh I was so wrong with that thought. The miss I am done with him and not talking to him. Tell the girl then don’t call him you dam well know where this leads. Does she listen, hell no. Then she calls and says why did you let me. Ah, well I sent over mighty mouse to stop you from calling but evidently due to recent high winds he went off course. Bright side she is keeping the florist in business with buying daises to play he loves me loves me not. Wait I got another friend like that to. I am done that’s it. Minute later we are back at it again. Girls I love you dearly but mother nature needs time here to produce more daisies.

Staples commercials are now really aggravating my nerves. First we have one person yelling Wow if that wasn’t bad enough we got two. Evidently who ever comes out with these commercials drank a lot of stupid water that day. Now what are we going to add in another one and call it T…

Leprechauns Now Providing Pots Of Stupid Water

Leprechauns must of run out of gold so now they are filling the pot with stupid water. How do I know this, easy several men lately have proved this theory and it isn’t pretty.

One male decided to play I am man see my ego soar with the bullshit I sell. Ok, yeah right sure you are honey your just what every woman wants. I think NOT! First off it irritates the hell out of me when they have the attitude every woman wants me. Then when they get informed by a few women ah nope don’t do it for us, they look at you with a expression that says Hu? What? Hu? Get a grip here your not all that. Or even some of that. I know we are all set in our ways. If you want to change or try to adjust and make concessions to your partner kudos to you. Don’t tell them you will try and in less than 24 hours go back to the obnoxious non-caring slug you were. Do not think all women are stupid and/or blonde. Hate to tell you this buddy we are not all air heads here. Like we can’t figure out that when …

Assistant Needed

We are in need for an assistant for Author Debbie Nicholson.

Duties include:

Email, correspondence, press kits, scheduling, site up dates, fan club up keep and misc. duties as needed.

If interested please contact:

Two Sisters Promotions

This is a non-paying position for now but is eligible for Life Credits, School Credit and State Aide Work Force Credit if applicable by your state.