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Not very often do I get soap box and preach nor do I want too. However, this time is a little a different. As you know I write news on Detroit Examiner. Searching for this mornings news not only I find it but what I had found had turned this bright sunny day into a dark one.

Jamey Rodemeyer made today’s top news headlines. Jamey had made the news not for a crime that he had committed but for a crime that was committed against him which had led to this young man’s soul being gone at the young age of just fourteen. Jamey. Jamey just like any other teen had his social networks, friends and just your normal teen. Did I mention Jamey was gay? Due to his sexual orientation he had endured years of torment and teasing, in one word bullying.

Back in May of this year he had made an up beat and encouraging video “It Gets Better”, unfortunately it did not get better for Jamey or others who had lost their young lives to bullying.

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