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Author Debbie Nicholson soon to release "Love, Laughter, Tears In My Soul

Created 11/19/2009 - 11:19

Author Debbie Nicholson of "Love And Laughter Through The Tears" part of the Love and Laughter trilogy announces her new book "Love, Laughter, Tears In My Soul". It is a poetry book based upon her love and laughter trilogy.


"I needed something to really tie up the Love and Laughter series. The idea of a book of poems based on the Love and Laughter series came to mind. With a little help from someone I love with all my heart, this book was created."

Love and Laughter Through The Tears

We fell so deeply,
our souls enter-twined,
we are eternal,
through the seeds of time,

You have given me laughter,
through pain and sorrow,
I still receive the humor,
through the breeze that flows,

Your time on earth ended,
I filled with tears,
I see and feel your presences near,
now the tears hold joy,
for your still eternally here,

You have brought me love and laughter through the tears

Ms. Nicholson has received numerous reviews of her poetry these include: