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And I Thought Dancing With The Devil Was Tough

I have danced with the devil to survive. I have actually won and found rainbow each time. It was a hard dance. For those of us who have danced or are dancing know how hard it can be. The pain, fear, tension, anxiety and whatever else you care to add into the mix. However, yep you knew I had one coming and yes it is the male species again. I guess they just can not stop drinking that stupid water or something. I am just so frustrated I could most likely scream at this point. Wait I have. Do not get me wrong here not all males are stubborn and so dam conforming in the me male you woman routine. Some can not seem to get past it though. I do not mean to clean house, have dinner ready. Oh no its much much worse it is the old adage I be male hear me roar or bleach whatever the case my be at the time. I have to do it all. I have to be responsible for all finances if not my dam ego takes a blow. Hello guys this is 2009. Just to give you a news flash while you are sipping that d…