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Curtice/Markley country/acoustic/classic rock fresh out of Trenton, Michigan. These cousins after a term of estrangement have recently reunited to bring their musical talents in to the world.

They have just put out their first conducive demo entitled “All Of The Above”. Judging by the sound of their musical talents these two should take the country music world by storm.

This duo is formed of Eric Markley and Craig Curtice forming the group Curtice/Markley.

Craig Curtice is responsible for lead vocals, lyric writing and production.
Eric Markley who has had musical talent since the very early age of three years old plays all the instruments. They have formed a unique sound which stays with you in your mind, heart and soul after listening to it.

In this authors opinion their sound will soon bring a new wave of country to the scene. Stay tuned for the squidoo lens of Curtice/Markley which I am in process of creating complete with author testimonial.

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Keep On Dancin

This will make sense to the special circle of friends, those with rainbows or waiting for them. It may make sense to our friends we have there with us that give us strength and courage each day. It may hopefully make sense to the rest of you.

Dancin with the devil in the rain. One more time you need to dance. Grant it I know from first hand experience along with those of us who have danced and are still dancing.
It is not easy when your doing the dancing in the rain and all you see is storm clouds. It is not easy when the storm clouds start to drop hard rain down and you feel as all you are doing is slipping on the ground and never gaining your footing. You look for shelter but there is none that you can see to seek out. The storm is fierce and intense and is tiring you out. You question the meaning of the dance what is the sense. You just want to lay down in the rain let it keep on falling. Lay on down and let him out dance your soul. You are tired of dancing, tired of the …