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Hamburger after 2 weeks.

Take a week 2 picture of your Fast Food and post it in your blog if you can. Write a post describing any changes in appearance or smell.

As that pondering question remains on McDonalds hamburger after two weeks it still remains looking the same as the first time you buy it. As far as smell goes there is not really one. You would expect food to go spoil and just smell nasty but there is no smell. This kind of makes you think twice about eating a hamburger.

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28 Day Experiment

For those of you who don't know I am going to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to become an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. In Nutritional Therapies the following question was posed:
Purchase a Hamburger or Cheese Burger from your choice of fast food restaurant and take a picture of it to post in your blog. Comment on what changes you would expect to see a burger without any preservatives or chemicals look like in 28 Days.

My theory With the high amounts of fats and chemicals in it would preserve it if you did not place it in glass or plastic containers which would then create moisture.
Without chemicals and preservatives I venture to gather it would turn to mush and not smell very good.
This of course prompted me to see why McDonald's burgers do not go bad after reading this it explains why I don't go to McDonald's

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