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2012 “Big Problem” children’s health concerns - National Children's Health |

Bullying twice over - National Children's Health |

Bullying twice over - National Children's Health | Two new studies reveal children and teens are being bullied due to having food allergies and who are currently attending weight loss camp.

Kitchen cupboards giving kids a cheap holiday high - National Children's Health |

It’s all in the snack when it comes to children’s health - National Children's Health |

“Got Milk”? - National Children's Health |

Cliff the beagle detects the superbug in patients - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Depression, stress and negative outlook could give you a stroke - National Disease & Illness |

Depression, stress and negative outlook could give you a stroke - National Disease & Illness | People over age 65 with high psychosocial distress face increased risk of stroke.

No strong evidence for cannabis use in treating MS says DTB - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Broccoli compound fighting childhood cancer - National Holistic Health |

Chiropractic reduces infantile colic symptoms - National Children's Health |

Access4Kids help children with disabilities use a tablet - National Children's Health |

Access4Kids help children with disabilities use a tablet - National Children's Health | Access4Kids is a unique assistive input device that enables access to rehabilitation apps for children with limited upper-body motor control.

Anti-cancer drug developed from algae - National Disease & Illness |

7 year old free of aggressive Leukemia due to bioengineered T cells - National Children's Health |

An inside look at the inspiring booklet “Had I Known Then” - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Boston University strengthens the case for CTE - National Disease & Illness |

One hour of aromatherapy effective in lowering cardiovascular risks - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Obese children influenced by food advertisements - National Children's Health |

Aspirin cuts liver cancer risk and chances of death - National Disease & Illness |

Commonly prescribed drug Tadalafil reverses effects of Becker Muscular Dystrophy - National Disease & Illness |

Cell phone addiction high in young adults - National Mental Health |

PTSD symptoms possible from being bullied - National Mental Health |

Traffic related air pollution linked to autism risk - National Children's Health |

Alarming rates of injuries due to inflatable bouncers - National Children's Health |

Pill made from fatty acids more effective in treating drug-resistant epilepsy - National Disease & Illness |

Monitoring speech patterns may lead to new way to diagnosis Parkinson’s disease - National Disease & Illness |

Non-cardiac chest pains in children linked to depression and anxiety - National Children's Health |

Nanoparticles cease progression of multiple sclerosis in mice - National Disease & Illness |

Air pollution causing cognitive decline in seniors - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Arginine and proline supplementation may be an effective wound healing treatment - National Disease & Illness |

Personalized pain therapy may be possible for “Man on Fire Syndrome” - National Disease & Illness |

Reflexology improves health related quality of life for women with advanced-stag - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Determining child’s risk for epilepsy after febrile seizure via diagnostic proce - National Children's Health |

Deadly superbug thriving in wastewater treatment plants in the U.S. - National Disease & Illness |

Resetting defibrillators means longer life for those with heart disease - National Disease & Illness |

Two daily doses of probiotics lower the bad and total cholesterol - National Disease & Illness |

Exercise improves mobility and function for patients with Parkinson’s disease - National Disease & Illness |

Young people who self-harm does not always mean mental illness - National Mental Health |

Injectable foam sealant for severe emphysema - National Disease & Illness |

Drugs already available may hold promise to treat Alzheimer’s disease - National Disease & Illness |

Negative health effects from bullying may last a lifetime - National Children's Health |

Junk food meals challenges Mediterranean diet meals when it comes artery health - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Overweight/obese teens at greater risk for end-stage renal disease - National Children's Health |

Lower risk of metabolic syndrome by weight lifting - National Disease & Illness |

Children with serious anger problems helped by video game - National Children's Health |

Amish children’s physical activity gives protection against obesity and diabetes - National Children's Health |

Blue light helps sleep deprived adolescents tackle stress - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Gastroparesis symptoms relieved by electro acupuncture in diabetics - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Low calcium diet linked to higher risk of hormone condition in women

Vitamin D benefits immune system in Lupus patients - National Disease & Illness |

Daily multivitamin may prevent cancer in men - National Disease & Illness |

Illicit drugs down but prescription drug abuse climbing - National Disease & Illness |

Prostate cancer restricted by curcumin - National Disease & Illness |

Children suffer adverse events from traffic air pollution - National Children's Health |

Getting kids outdoors more, the answer may be in natural playgrounds - National Children's Health |

Exercise restores immune system to battle future cancers - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Physical activity carries a low risk of bleeding for children with hemophilia - National Children's Health |

MUSEC study substantiates cannabis extract and MS muscle stiffness - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Lycopene found in tomatoes lowers risk of any stroke - National Holistic Health |

New drug successful in protecting brain from damaging stroke effects - National Disease & Illness |

Almost half the children with ASD stray away from safety - National Children's Health |

Heart attack deaths higher in schizophrenics - National Mental Health |

Childhood is the time to start cardiovascular disease prevention - National Children's Health |

Promising treatment for PTSD in marines via alternative medicine - National Mental Health |

Auditory stimuli influences gait in Parkinson’s patients - National Disease & Illness |

Lowering blood pressure the answer may be in your kitchen - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Health of Michigan residents declining - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

High sodium intake linked to high blood pressure in children - National Children's Health |

Dietary antioxidants may influence Alzheimer’s disease - National Disease & Illness |

Brisk exercise may keep you out of the refrigerator - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Pain relievers damaging women’s hearing - Detroit Women's Health |

Task Force rules ovarian cancer screening does not outweigh the risks - Detroit Women's Health |

Prescribed daily corticosteroids fair no better than symptomatic control - National Disease & Illness |

Smoking that joint doubles the risk for testicular cancer - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Diseases like ALS may higher risk of death for NFL players - National Disease & Illness |

EGCG in green tea gives memory a boost - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Alarming numbers of Americans have uncontrolled blood pressure - National Disease & Illness |

Children swallowing tiny batteries more than doubles - National Children's Health |

Hookah smoking just as dangerous as cigarettes - National Disease & Illness |

Moderate chocolate consumption may be linked to lower stroke risk for men - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Daily aspirin linked to longer life for prostate cancer - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Energy drinks for heart health - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Staying fit while aging means less chronic diseases - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Women’s weight influences breast cancer recurrence - Detroit Women's Health |

Take a brisk walk before lighting up - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

E-Cigarettes no threat to heart - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Children weights can higher the risk of gallstones by up to eight times - National Children's Health |

Methotrexate testing for cardiovascular events - National Disease & Illness |

Marathon running you’re never too old

Marathon running you’re never too old: marathon, healthy aging, Heart Disease, aerobic exercise, sports medicine

Anorexic patients distorted body views - National Mental Health |

Alcohol free berry wine a new diabetes drug - National Disease & Illness |

Coconut water; best sports drink or hype - National Holistic Health |

Avoid surgery use acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Resveratrol prevents senior falls - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Over indulgence of diet drinks among American kids

Over indulgence of diet drinks among American kids: children, sugar-free beverages, diet soda, soft drink, Sugar substitute, miriam vos, artificial sweeteners

Continual use of the pill eases dysmenorrhea - Detroit Women's Health |

Egg yolks speed up atherosclerosis - National Disease & Illness |

Someone put fruit juice in my chocolate - National Holistic Health |

Obesity rankings released Michigan remains on the top ten - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Cocoa flavonols daily boosts cognitive impairment - National Mental Health |

Qigong for fibromyalgia pain management - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Americans walking more but still need to step it up - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

A glass of grapefruit juice lowers the amount of cancer drug - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Exercise for diabetes twice endorsed - National Disease & Illness |

Chemotherapy becoming resistant encouraging cancer growth - National Disease & Illness |

What your kids watch influence their sleep - National Children's Health |

Pets promote social behavior in autistic children - National Children's Health |

Heart failure patient’s exercise eases depression - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Celiac Disease underdiagnosed in Americans - National Disease & Illness |

Pictures - Adding steps to your day - National Children's Health |

Smile your way through stress - National Mental Health |

Shift work associated to major vascular problems - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Extract of Curcumin preventing type 2 diabetes - National Holistic Health |

NFL players and CTE - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Stroke survivors improve balance with group yoga - Detroit Alternative Medicine |

Ecstasy linked to memory impairments - National Mental Health |