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It Must Be In The Water

That is the only theory one of my best friends and I had come up with today. Considering the last 72 hours of trying to communicate to that other species called males. We realized there must be something in the dam water they are drinking. They just don’t get it. I mean they are totally clueless.

Our latest run downs go like this;

Someone told someone he loved her than well basically said it is not you it is me. Talk about the kiss of death. After hitting him in head with 2 x 4 for long time he gets the theory she loves him. Fantastic! Yippee!! Then WAP! Well gee thanks bud for the lovely lunch break.

Another one had conversation with someone and yep slammed again. Something must be in the water. Oh, it is better with this one he doesn’t get it at all. It is like he was not present during whole conversation, high or drunk. Hell we haven’t figured that one out yet. Our theory yep he drank the dam water.

Men we realize have no clues. The movie clueless should have been based on males and ju…

Soon To Be Released

Soon to be released Erotic Sensuality look for it at the end of March 2009.


Are you ready to explore your sensual side. Become sensual in a whole new light. Learn how to become in tune with your soul. Maintain a feeling of acttractiveness and desirability. Unlock the hidden secrets within you. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Heat up your relationship by spicing it up.